Arizona Rapid Wildfire Risk Home\Property Assessments

What is the Arizona Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessment?

The Arizona Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessment (AWRA) is a pilot program spearheaded by the Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership (GFFP) with support from the national Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net).

The goal of the AWRA program is to provide property owners with resources and information so that residents have the tools needed to mitigate wildfire ignition on their property. Initially, a “quick” 60-second assessment of targeted residents’ properties were completed from the street. Property owners were then sent a personalized postcard with their initial wildfire risk rating. Property owners were offered to follow-up with a more detailed walk-around 60-minute assessment with forestry professionals (see link below to request a 60-minute assessment).

Why was my property selected?

Starlight Pines, an active Firewise Community based in the Blue Ridge Ranger District, was selected because it recently experienced a destructive wildfire nearby and, there is potentail for future wildfires in the area. 

As a resident living in a wildfire prone area, you should prepare your property to withstand the likelihood of an ignition from flames and embers to structures and vegetation around your home. The goal is to provide you with tools and resources to understand your wildfire risk and to help you engage in proactive wildfire risk reduction actions on your property.

What are my next steps?

After reviewing the Arizona Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessment rating you received, if you would like a full property 60-minute walk-around assessment and recommendations specific to your home and property, please send a request through the “Contact Us” tab on the website.

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