Work on the Ground

Fort Tuthill County Park – Forest Treatments funded with a Wildland Fire & Hazardous Fuels Grant

The Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership wa awarded a Wildland Fire & Hazardous Fuels Grant (WFHF) this past year to develop and help implement a 325-acre forest treatment project at the historic Coconino County Fort Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff. The Park is located in the southwest corner of town, within Flagstaff’s main fire vector and directly adjacent to homes. The ponderosa pine stands  were overstocked with excessive trees and fuel loads and had a high probability for high severity frown fire. Treatment in this area has created a more resilient landscape, reinforced Flagstaff’s charge in being a Fire Adapted Community and supports safer and more effective wildfire response should a fire ignite. For full article, see: Fort Tuthill Thinning Project_2017

Fort Tuthill site (before thinning treatment)  

Same site at Fort Tuthill (after thinning treatment