AZ Fire Adapted Community Network (“A” “Z” “FAC”)

GFFP, along with partners like the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, AZ Dept. of Forestry & Fire Management, University of Arizona Agricultural Extension and the Ecological Restoration Institute are initiating a statewide Fire Adapted Community Network.

The AZFAC Mission Statement:

Create fire adapted communities that understand the beneficial role of fire on the landscape and embrace responsibility for their wildfire risk, and take actions to protect the social, economic and ecological values threatened by wildfire.


The group reviewed several listed potential goals to consider and we settled on  the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy below as a foundational starting point.

  • Support the integration of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy’s three goals:
    • Resilient landscapes,
    • Fire adapted communities, and
    • Efficient response to wildfire

Stay tuned as we develop the AZFAC — We are working on developing a charter, logo, website and more…