Completed Research Projects are found under their respective web topic or under Reports.

Research Grants and Internships

The GFFP supports Northern Arizona University students across disciplines with paid internships. This is a great opportunity for students to beome involved with a not-for-profit and with issues that are important to the community of Flagstaff and to other southwestern communities forested with Ponderosa Pine.

Students may propose topics. Internships are awarded for those that fit with GFFP goals and objectives. Internships will have a specific scope of work and expected “deliverable” products, such as reports, posters, data, brochures, maps, etc.

For example, a School of Forestry senior completed timber harvesting methods fact sheets so that the public can better understand the character of methods that may be used to thin trees. Another student with GIS skills updated our multi-layer treatment map.

The GFFP budgets as much as $5000 per year for internships. Applications can be made at any time for summer or winter projects.

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