Sawmill weathered by sun, wind and rain,
As heightened buzz of the saw will gain.
Ponderosa pine pierce the overcast horizon,
As morning mist and dew melt in the sun.

Cattle in the meadow graze on green grass,
Storm clouds gather in afternoon and pass.
We wish for natural beauty in all things grand,
We desire and need not much, in our hand.

Pine cones fall over volcanic ashen ground,
Hear through the pines, bird’s peaceful sound.
Walk through ponderosa, of sienna and green,
Rabbits, squirrels and blue jays, always seen.

Hike trails forged by trappers & lumber jacks,
See the bull elk and deer with expansive racks.
Enjoy smells of morning fresh evergreen scent,
And appreciate God’s grandeur, heaven sent.

Eagles and Hawks oar through the dark blue sky,
As billowy cumulonimbus clouds slowly pass by.
Wire fence shows the boundary of forest and ranch,
Nature’s conservation must leave nothing to chance.

Hope for nature’s love, victorious in feeling sad,
Stewardship always endures over evil and bad.
Nature prevails over buzzing saw, understood,
Wind and rain cannot erode our sense of good.

Afternoon monsoon rains cleanse the dusty air,
As we marvel the natural beauty beyond compare.
Preservation and conservation efforts are at hand,
Save our unique Flagstaff ponderosa forest land!

Brad Graham
Show Low, AZ 16 October 2013

Copyright ©Brad Graham 2013 Printed by permission