Cost Share Grants

Cost Share grant funding may be available through the Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership (GFFP) to help area landowners with a portion of the cost of thinning unhealthy stands of trees that will increase both individual tree vigor and forest health. Most importantly, these actions will assist in reducing wildfire threat to your property and the greater Flagstaff community.

Wildfire remains one of the greatest threats our community faces, but proactive on-the-ground work that we implement now will make the difference between degradation of our natural resources or maintaining our forests’ sustainability. Help us create a Fire Adapted Community to ensure the greater Flagstaff area continues to remain safe and resilent.

For more information about these programs and how to participate, please see our: Contact Us page

GFFP offers signs that recognize home and landowners that their property is Firewise and to encourage their neighbors to create defensible space around their properties and neighborhoods. For the signs, see: GFFP_signs

GFFP completed cost-share treatments at Ft Tuthill County Park. For a brochure see: Ft Tuthill brochure