Vision & Goals

GFFP is one of the longest-standing, most successful, community-based, forest restoration collaborative organizations in the country. During the past 15 years in the greater Flagstaff area, we’ve:

  • Brought diverse partners together;
  • Helped led and facilitate a paradigm shift in public thought and action regarding our forests;
  • Been identified as a national model;
  • Working with the Coconino National Forest, developed the design and implementation of numerous forest restoration and hazardous fuel management projects;
  • Initiated critical conversation on key restoration issues and developed documents, issue papers, and other support material;
  • Increased the biomass component of the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio;
  • Secured grants and funded fuel treatments, industry development, and public education;
  • Led the development of the Greater Flagstaff Area Community Wildfire Protection Plan;
  • Engaged with the Governor’s Forest Health Council, the County Sustainable Economic Development Initiative, the Ponderosa Fire Advisory Council, the Flagstaff City Council and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, and the Four Forest Restoration Initiative to further advance our goals and increase our sphere of influence;
  • Undertook and championed monitoring efforts;
  • Transitioned our organization from paid-staff to volunteer-based;
  • Maintained a positive and healthy financial balance and outlook; and
  • Successfully grown and positioned the “GFFP” brand.

It has not been without effort and struggle, but it has been done. Along the way, partners have come-and-gone, what was once novel and untried is now routine and accepted, challenges have been faced, and lessons have been learned.

We recognize that schedules and commitments have become increasing complex and diversified, that agency staff have been largely replaced, that funding is becoming increasing project-oriented and difficult to obtain, and that opportunities to engage with others and influence outcomes continue.

What has not changed, however, are our goals:

  • Forest restoration;
  • Community protection;
  • A healthy, sustainable, wood industry;
  • Recognition of monitoring importance, use of adaptive management and “Lessons Learned”;
  • Outreach;
  • Diverse membership; and
  • Community support.

Moving forward, we desire to focus our collective efforts to maximize our time, talents, and impact, while staying true to these goals. We therefore commit ourselves:

  • Within the Greater Flagstaff Wildfire Protection Plan (GFA-CWPP) area, to –
    • Participate in forest planning and implementation activities that will effect forest restoration and/or community protection;
    • Provide information on these goals and associated projects to all stakeholders served by GFFP;
    • Search-out funding opportunities to plan and implement projects regardless of land ownership or jurisdiction; and
    • Deliver innovative outreach efforts designed to both educate and engage individuals, groups, and other entities.
  • Within the northern Arizona landscape, to –
    • Support and encourage collaborative efforts that expand GFFP goals and influence, and
    • Devote effort toward the establishment and long-term sustainability of wood utilization and appropriate industry.