Organizational Structure

“The Forest Service and the Forests Foundation agree to work cooperatively to demonstrate new forest management approaches that improve and restore ecosystem health of Ponderosa Pine forest ecosystems in the Flagstaff urban-wildland interface area. This cooperative project shall be referred to as the Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership” (Cooperative Agreement, 1998)

Greater Flagstaff Forest Partnership, INC. (a non-profit organization)

  • Makes restoration recommendations to agencies and landowners.
  • Brings financial and human resources to carry out restoration activities.
  • Decides on operations of the Partnership.

Board of Directors:

  • Mark Brehl, ¬†Flagstaff Fire Department
  • Steve Gatewood, Wildwood Consulting, LLC
  • Scott Harger, Coconino Natural Resource Conservation District
  • Shaula Hedwall, US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Anne Mottek Lucas, Mottek Consulting, LLC
  • Mark Sensibaugh, NAU – Ecological Restoration Institute

United States Forest Service

  • Develops range of potential restoration prescriptions; considers Partnership recommendations for activities on National Forest Lands along with other public input.
  • Manages the NEPA processes through Interdisciplinary Team on the Flagstaff Districts (Coconino National Forest); manages public involvement.
  • Brings financial and human resources to carry out restoration projects.
  • Administers all contracts for activities on National Forest Land.

Partnership Advisory Board (PAB)

  • Receives information about all facets of Partnership operations and gives management direction to the working teams
  • Makes recommendations to the non-profit Board of Directors.
  • Meets on the third Tuesday of each month; meetings are open to the public.