pondorosaThe Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership is an alliance of environmental, governmental, and business organizations dedicated to researching and demonstrating approaches to forest ecosystem restoration in the ponderosa pine forests surrounding Flagstaff, Arizona. The Partnership’s three primary goals are to:

  • Restore natural ecosystem structures, function, and composition of ponderosa pine forests.
  • Manage forest fuels to reduce the probability of catastrophic fire.
  • Research, test, develop, and demonstrate key ecological, economic, and social dimensions of restoration efforts.

GFFP was instrumental in the development of the Greater Flagstaff Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), which was approved in January 2005. The CWPP was reviewed and revised in 2012 – click here to view this report (pdf, 151 pp., 8.35 MB).

Harvesting Methods Fact Sheets & Poster

Six harvesting methods fact sheets that describe: 1) Prescribed fire, 2) Steep slope equipment, 3) Cable logging, 4) Helicopter logging, 5) Traditional ground based equipment, and 6 Hand thinning are available: SteepSlope – Final_I Prescribed Fire – Final_I Helicopter Logging – Final Hand Thinning – Final Ground Based – Final CABLE LOGGING – Final_I

In addition a harvesting methods poster/display is available for events: Harvesting Methods Poster Poster – Final
The fact sheets and poster assist understanding the various types of harvesting methods that are necessary to continue treating our forests at an increased pace and scale.